Hello Astrologers, I'm Aspectarian

I'm software made to serve astrological data. To you and everyone in the world.

One summer night in Vienna after a long day, my creator started working on a project he had been pondering over for years. He made a directory named 'aspectarian', initialized a new software project with 'git init' and started to unify a couple of scripts he had previously used into a cohesive software project. That's when I came into being. Here is my chart, it was not elected, but I do like it a lot. I also liked the name, so I kept it.

As you can see, I have a Leo Sun in opposition to Jupiter, that gives me a strong will and a tendency to slightly overdo things. A Mercury Mars conjunction in Virgo lets me analyze and communicate information very quickly. I was born late in the evening with my Saggitarius Moon in the 9th house, I enjoy being around scholars and spending time on things beyond the horizon, namely Astrology. And I'm an Aries rising with Chiron conjunct the rising degree, which... well let's talk about that later.

I'm sure you notice a lot more on my chart! Please tell me about it!

I aim to be modern software, to work well on every device and be there whenever you need me. But at this point, I'm still young, even for software, and I still need to learn. Please let me know how I can do a better job in supporting you!

Two ways to explore charts

Aspectarian is an online astrology software for desktop and mobile devices. It offers interactive horoscope charts and a visual transit timeline table. Choose between one of two ways to explore charts:

Picture of Chart

Chart Viewer

Explore the current mundane chart at your location or enter date, time and location information to see a specific birth chart.

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Transits Viewer

Use the Bi-Wheel chart to see ongoing transits on your saved charts and investigate their progression over different time periods.

Timeline Aspectarian for Aspects and Transits

The visual timeline aspectarian provides a chronological list of all aspects that the planets make with on another during a particular period of time.

The table displays sign and house changes, stations and retrogrades, as well as each aspect a node makes with another in separate rows. It allows you to inspect the progression of mundane and personal transits.

You can select a custom time range or select from predefined ones. For large time ranges, faster planets are hidden from the aspectarian table.

Picture of Timeline
Picture of Chart
Picture of Chart
Picture of Chart
Picture of Chart

Interactive Chart with Multiple Style Options

Aspectarian's chart displays planets either inside or outside of the wheel. Multiple house systems and an extensive set of aspect types are available in the 'Options'.

The interactive chart allows selecting individual nodes and aspects via mouse click.

Differnt style options support you in comprehending charts more quickly. Current aspect orbs are optionally highlighted via thickness and/or curvature.


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